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Reach Out To Sky In Two Ways

Deutsche-Telekom-EntertainSky is known in the broadcasting industry to provide undisputed programs and sports coverage. It has been leading the industry long enough to keep the competition intimidated at all times.

Sky-broadband-shield-logo_2They also have the best deals for existing and new customers alike. For existing customers wishing to upgrade, Sky offers great options and choices. If a new client wishes to subscribe to any of Sky’s services, or if an existing customer wants some modifications to the current service they signed up for, contacting Sky through its Sky contact number will certainly get them in touch with the Sky customer service department right away.

Options Available

Everyone will be provided with assistance in order to resolve and answer all their concerns and queries sent to Sky through either calls or emails.

The usual way is to call Sky. The next option is to send them an email. The reasons for reaching out to Sky varies, therefore so does the way of communication preferred.

The new UK calling system has been in place since 2015 and has made the cost of calling their service numbers clear to all. The cost of calling these numbers used to be difficult to obtain but has now become the biggest change to date with regards to making UK telephone

Service Numbers

Service numbers are those that serves as company contacts, directory listings and even to vote for TV shows. To understand further the cost of calls in the UK, one should get familiar with the use of service numbers.

Making calls to service numbers incurs access chargeSky_Box_Setss which is computed per minute. Said computation is shown in the contract and will be stated clearly in your telephone bill. You can also inquiry about such charges from the Sky customer service just to be sure.
Then there is the service charge. Depending on the call destination, the computation for each call duration will vary.

Another Way

Phone contact is the most preferred method by most as it provides almost instant results. But consider an instance wherein phone contact is not an option. It will be helpful if you can send out an email to air your concerns instead. Besides, not all businesses offer phone support round the clock. Even Sky contact center closes right before midnight and opens at 8 the next morning.

Though you might say that it is still faster to wait until the next business day to make a call, the chance of someone attending to your query is high even with email. Emailing is the best way to communicate especially if you want to obtain a hard evidence as proof of reply. This way you will be able keep a proof of response and will be able to come back to how the particular department dedicated to answer your concerns has handled and resolved your queries. Also it is convenient and a good time therefore, to send an email after operating hours.


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Sky Learns A Lot From Ofcom Lodged Complaint On Contracts

The United Kingdom regulators are looking intently at the Sky customer service as they have been getting formal complaints that it has become difficult for customers to leave their contracts with the media giant.

There are rules in the UK that state providers must not make it difficult for subscribers to subscribe when they want to. There is quite a figure of those who wrote to Ofcom that Sky hasn’t really cancelled their contracts. They later on discovered that their subscriptions have continued and remained in force despite their request to discontinue.

remoteComplaints And Accusations

Ofcom has launched an investigation on this accusation against Sky amidst complaints claiming that they are unable to cancel their TV, phone and broadband services with the media company. Although the investigators cannot go into individual items, what they do is observe trends or peaks in any particular types of complaint to see which issue has become common and which company is figuring in on top of most complaints.

A probe has claimed that there has been a pattern in the complaints against Sky and in particular with the contracts they have with the consumers. A clear and observable pattern can help in deciding which issues or providers have to be part of the investigation.

Ofcom is doing this close monitoring across the board among many providers so that they can see where most of the disappointments are coming from. Ofcom has reminded not only Sky, but everyone else, that customers are to be given opportunities to cancel their contracts as they see it fit. The investigating firm did not disclose how long the probe will last but in previous ones it lasted from half a year to close to nine months at most.

Other TV content providers are likewise under Ofcom’s careful watch 

Unfair Treatment

Ofcom said that customers must feel that unfair treatment so much for them to file a formal complaint against Sky. The customers must file both with their provider and with Ofcom to make it formal. Being unable to cancel one’s contract is part of unfair treatment in any business.

Sky is claiming otherwise. The company is saying that a cancellation of service can be done in less than half an hour. Be it for TV, phone or broadband cancellations, one will have to pick up the phone to walk out of the contract. Sky also said that it can be done online or by using the live chat system.

The regulator will continue speaking to consumers and to monitor if there are more complaints coming in despite the onset of an investigation.

Sky, on the other hand, has confirmed that it was being probed by Ofcom. They said that their company is working closely with sky-septOfcom in helping find the truth in the accusation.

Sky said that they are committed to delivering only the best service in the country. They also said that this is one reason why more customers than ever have chosen Sky as their media provider.

Sky Apologized

In a particular case, Sky has apologized for a certain Mr. Hackwood’s instance that a cancellation request has indeed taken too long to complete. Learning from this experience, Sky issued a statement saying that a simplification process has been undertaken to make sure that it will become fast and easy for any customers at any given time to let go of their ties with Sky.

Pete Swift, another Sky customer was awarded £1,500 in compensation following a two-year battle with Sky. He was contacted in many occasions by different debt management agencies despite the fact that he was able to produce proofs of his payment for a final bill with Sky. Mr. Swift has moved house and that was his reason for contract cancellation.

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